15 4 / 2013

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11 1 / 2013

MEGA SWIFT AUTO at Sin Ming Drive

Let’s put this on a searchable record that I DO NOT RECOMMEND this workshop.

I will NEVER RECOMMEND any friends to this workshop

Full address:
176 Sin Ming Drive #05-11
Sin Ming Autocare Singapore 575721

PM me if you want to know why! 

17 10 / 2012

SKYFALL trailers + Adele song all in one clip!

11 5 / 2012

Joffrey BITCH-SLAP appreciation post


Bitch slap 

To open handedley slap someone. Denote disrespect for the person being bitch slapped as they are not worthy of a man sized punch. Suggests the slap was met with little resistance and much whining.

Let’s reminisce the happy times when the dickhead Joffrey got what he deserves.

Bitch-Slap # 1

Bitch-Slap # 2

and finally,

Bitch-Slap # 3

looking forward to more bitch-slapping Joffrey scenes in the near future.

Kudos to HBO!

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15 2 / 2012

15 2 / 2012

This cab driver likes to keep left. Even on the right lane. Often close to the car on the left by less than an arms length.

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We made a mistake. Over the last couple of days users brought to light an issue concerning how we handle your personal information on Path, specifically the transmission and storage of your phone contacts.

As our mission is to build the world’s first personal network, a trusted place for you to…

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Human cut hair got CNY surcharge. Pet cut hair also got CNY surcharge!

19 8 / 2011

Mac OS X: One of Mac’s most confusing features is the red close button, which you think would shut down an application but often doesn’t. RedQuits is a free utility that closes applications when you click the the red close button.